Our Rehabilitation Policy

Loveday Electrical recognises that there are substantial benefits to be gained from rehabilitation principles and practices and are committed to implementing them at this workplace.  We recognise that legislation provides the specific requirements and support for workplace rehabilitation activities.

Experience has shown that workplace rehabilitation assists the healing process and helps restore the worker’s normal function sooner. Workplace rehabilitation includes early provision of timely and adequate services, including suitable duties programs, and aims to:

  • maintain injured or ill workers at work or
  • ensure the worker’s earliest possible return to work or and
  • maximise the worker’s independent functioning and
  • provide for durable employment.

This policy has been developed as a joint worker-management agreement.

We are committed to:-

  • Providing a safe and healthy work environment, but in the event of an injury or an illness, making sure workplace rehabilitation is started as soon as possible in accordance with medical advice.
  • Ensuring appropriate suitable duties are made available to injured or ill workers to facilitate their safe and early return to work. These duties must be consistent with the current medical certificate and will be time limited.
  • Respecting the confidential nature of medical and rehabilitation information and ensuring there will be both verbal and written confidentiality.
  • Ensuring all workers are aware that, in the event of injury or illness, they will be consulted to ensure a structured and safe return to work that will not disadvantage them.
  • Complying with legislative obligations with respect to the standard for rehabilitation.
  • Adopting a multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation as required.

This policy shall be reviewed on an annual basis.

Approved By:

Sarah Loveday

Managing Director


Last reviewed: 7 January 2019

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