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Competitive Pricing, Great Service for Split System Installs

Clean, Professional and Uniform Crew

Experts at both electrical and refrigeration installation!

Serviceing the Moreton Bay Region for over 20 years!

Loveday Electrical has 8 teams of well trained tradesman and apprentices available to install your customer’s split systems. These teams are backed up with experienced office staff and efficient management systems.

This allows us to offer:

  • Our staff are trained to identify your customers so that we don’t compete with your sales team for the supply of the air-conditioners.
  • Competitive pricing on air-conditioner installation, for more information contact
  • Set price guide for salesman to work with, we understand that the faster your customer has a total price, the easy it is for your salesman.
  • Technical support for your sales team, via telephone, available during retail hours, we realise that your staff will sometimes have a question that they need answered on a Thursday night or Sunday afternoon.
  • Fast accurate in home home quotes, to confirm the price guide the salesman has used prior to units being delivered or paid for.
  • If your regular installer isn’t coping during peak times, we are happy to help,  we are able to assist retailers that are committed to smaller installers by being available as a second installer.
  • Reliable We will turn up at the advised time, and if our tradesman is running late, they will call your customer.
  • Short lead time for installs, don’t make your customer wait weeks for their new air-conditioner.
  • Good communication with your customer and your store’s staff, we’ll always call to prebook jobs with the customer, and we’ll always keep your staff informed on job progress, where required.
  • Efficient, well trained tradies, we’keep your customer happy by doing a good job and cleaning up when we are finished.
  • Courteous, well trained office staff, we want your contact with our office to be pleasant and efficient.
  • Uniformed workers and sign written vehicles, we want your customer to be sure that the right person is arriving at their home.
  • Trustworthy employees, our employees have passed police background checks.
  • Lifetime warranty on our work, manufacturer’s warranty on any materials we supply.
  • Long established business, with long term employees and customers. Anyone can offer a long warranty period, but they have to still be in business to be able to honour it.
  • Centrally located business premises, which is open Monday to Friday 7.00am – 4.00pm.

At Loveday Electrical Pty Ltd, we are committed to providing a high level of customer service.

We will ensure that we are not only meeting our customers’ expectations but exceeding them.

Loveday Electrical is your friendly local electrical and air-conitioning contractor!
If you would like more information on what our company can do for yours, please contact our office on 1300 004 909 or via email at


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