Constantly held to standard

Thorough documentation

No major incidents in over 30 years

At Loveday Electrical, safety is our number one priority; for our customers, our employees, and for all members of the general public. Over the past 30 years we have worked closely in tandem with Master Electricians’ various safety management systems, to be held accountable and uphold a high, rigorous standard of safety. One of our long term, ongoing, goals is to foster and build a stalwart culture of safety and safe work method practices throughout our team.

On a weekly basis, our entire company attends safety meetings to provide constant training and re-training, as well as offer an open forum for discussion of each and every one of our work practices.

This ethos is further exemplified by our obtainment  of our HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environmental & Quality) system.

You can be certain that with Loveday Electrical, every possible measure to ensure the job is completed in a safe, timely manner, will be adhered to.


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